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Stage and Screen Collaborates with The Voice SA

Social and On-line Media Influencers, Join the Voice Team for Post-Blind Chats…

With the 3rd Season of M-Net’s The Voice South Africa currently being broadcast on DSTv’s channel 101’s most Successful Slot on Sundays, the deserving Talent of our Country, is slowly but singingly filling up the available spots in their chosen Coach’s teams.

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Audiences all across M-Net’s satellite reach, have already familiarized themselves with the new faces in this Season, with Anele Mdoda as the new Host, Francois van Coke, Riana Nel and Riky Rick joining the only returning cast member, Lira, to complete the foursome Coaching Panel.

Real fans of The Voice South Africa, who might not be as oblivious as the rest of us, would have noticed by now, that the Producers of this season, did not replace the role and functions of Stacey Norman, who was always busy behind the scenes with some quirky interview for the Voice SA’s Social media pages.

To contribute to these socially nice-to-watch behind the scenes videos, M-Net has decided to put the The Voice microphone in the hands of some of Jozi’s Online and Social Media Influencers.  It was an honor for Stage and Screen to have been invited by M-Net’s Lani Lombard and her team to conduct a few of these Post-Blind Profiles for this reality series’ social links, and also M-Net’s Website. 

Our very own Louw Mulder, took on the challenge of the micr0phone, this time in front of the cameras, to chat with some of the Talent, who had just got a chair, with a coach on, turned for them.  We can only publish content already aired on M-Net’s TV channel, so keep coming back to this page for more clips…

Coach Riky, really took his time to make sure Joshua Parker’s rendition of this song by Ed Sheeran was Perfect, before turning his chair.  Here is what this 19 year old Talent shared with us:

After some episodes of The Voice came, and left quietly into the 19:00 timeslot of Carte Blanche, Coach Francois van Coke really battled to get the Talent he turned for, to choose the Coke Squad.  However, The fizz was back in #TeamVanCoke when a self-confessed rebel at heart, impressed Coach Riky and Coach Francois with the Sound of her Voice, not the Sound of Silence…

40 Year old Chezelle Shahadat, chose to continue her The Voice journey under the mentorship of the Rebel Coach on the panel… This is how she broke the sound of the studio’s silence, when she shared her excitement with us:

During the 5th episode of this season, #TeamVanCoke grew to seven talent, with Ashur Peterson and Mia Malherbe joining his cartel.

It was also Mia’s 26th birthday on the night of these Blind Auditions that saw her progressing in this competition, and even though This is a Man’s World, it was clearly a Woman’s Stage with Riky, Riana and Francois turning their chairs. We were fortunate to have a few minutes with Just Mia, on her birthday…

During episode 7 of this season, all of us joined in the excitement of the four coaches, when 25 year old Skhumbuzo did the unexpected by singing a song by Valiant Swart, translated into Zulu.  Coach Francois, a friend of Swart, got Swart on the line, sharing this young man’s entry into #TeamRiky, with this composer on National TV.  We talk to this Sonvanger after his audition.

Episode 7 ended with the successful attempt of the PJ Twins, successfully making their double-entry into #TeamLira.  Not just did they do their formal audition with I Swear, but also an impromptu operatic duet, on request by their Coach.  This set of Twins, shared some of their plans for this competition with us:

Then came the last episode of the Blind Auditions, and Lira broke the rules, forcing the Executive Producers to give each coach an extra Talent for their team.  Second to last on the night, with two spots on two teams respectively still up for grabs, Elisha James came on, and with Cry me a River, Riana turned for this crazy youngster, and in our chat, we told him he is crazy in his face…

Then the end was in sight, One Talent still back stage, with only Coach Riky with a spot on his team left, and with this last contestant inevitable to get a spot, her talent took nothing away from her deserved spot on #TeamRiky, when she made him turn his chair, promising her a You and I Journey.  We chatted to Nikita Williams, to close of this season’s Blind…


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