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Poppie Nongena on Box Office

Poppie Nongena Film to Launch on DSTV BoxOffice.


Poppie Nongena, the feature film based on one of the finest African novels of the twentieth century, is set to grace DStv BoxOffice screens in June. An inspiring story of courage and tenacity, the movie explores the brutal and tender journey of a single woman caught between two families. Replete with tumultuous twists and turns, Poppie Nongena is sure to capture the hearts of DStv viewers.

Clementine Mosimane, the actress playing the lead role, is thrilled that Poppie Nongena will be launching on DStv BoxOffice, as it brings the film to a whole new audience. Poppie became part of her as she walked this journey with the film. Her grace, courage and tenacity touched many people deeply

Anna-Mart van der Merwe plays alongside Mosimane, and the two powerhouse actresses both took home SAFTAs in recognition of their sterling work. The remainder of the cast includes veterans Chris Gxalaba, Rolanda Marais, David Minaar and Lida Botha. Nomsa Nene, who played the title role in the international theatre production of Poppie, plays Poppie’s mother.

Rounding out the rest of the star-studded team are award-winning screenwriter and playwright Christiaan Olwagen, who directed the film along with cinematographer Vicci Turpin. Olwagen’s previous work includes the critically acclaimed films Johnny is Nie Dood Nie, Die Seemeeu and Kanarie.

The SAFTA and Silwerksermfees award-winning film Poppie Nongena, will air on DStv BoxOffice from 21 June 2020. Films on DStv BoxOffice cost R 25 to rent and the platform is available online (which means you don’t need to be a DStv subscriber to access the service online).

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