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James Deacon – Renegade

Deacon’s new EP is a shout out to anyone who feels like they don’t belong.

James Deacon’s second EP Renegade reinforces his ability to lyrically and musically stand out from the crowd by staying true to himself.

James Deacon’s career trajectory hasn’t always been the easiest, but the multi-instrumentalist has continuously bounced back from his fair share of mishaps: from an accident that nearly ended his guitar playing, to his recent vocal cord surgery.

His second EP, Renegade, available now, is a 6-track offering that is brazen and brash and shows two solid middle fingers to conformity as Deacon continues to blaze an authentic career path. The EP includes the hit singles Reason, HERO aka Rich and the most recent radio single Rain On Me.

His next single, Shine, is a funkalicious feel-good banger oozing with sex appeal. The bouncy, clap-commanding pop anthem is a disco-infused big-band affair with nods to Jungle, Daft Punk, Justice and Stevie Wonder.

The EP’s title-track Renegade provides James with a chance to flex his rap muscles much more so than ever before, amplified by his passionate vocals willing him to become the person he talks about in the song. Also included on the EP is Mr Misery, a broody, blues-infused tale that serves as a metaphor for James’ darker side and in turn becomes a resilient juxtaposition to latest single Shine.

With HBO selecting his single Son Of Apollo to soundtrack an 8-week movie promo campaign in America, the anticipation around Renegade is palpable and warranted as James is poised to spread his musical message globally.

Stream Shine and Renegade here, or on all platforms.

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