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Nat Geo – Activate: The Global Citizen Movement

All of  us, have one thing in common… We Are On One Global Planet.

National Geographic announced that Activate: The Global Citizen Movement, the six-part documentary series from Nat Geo and Procter & Gamble, co-produced by Global Citizen and Radical Media, will premiere 8 September at 20:00.

Activate is a multiplatform storytelling partnership and six-part documentary series — bolstered by custom content distributed across National Geographic’s unrivaled social, digital, linear and print channels. It will raise awareness about extreme poverty, inequality and sustainability issues to mobilize Global Citizens to drive meaningful and lasting change on the Global Citizen platform.

Each episode delves into a different issue connected to the root causes of extreme poverty, following a specific Global Citizen campaign and the organizers, amplifiers, grassroots activists, action takers and people whose lives are being changed. Episode topics include eradicating extreme poverty, ending cash bail, breaking down barriers to girls’ education, funding education for displaced children, ending plastic pollution and helping solve the water crisis.

Activate will take audiences from the Global Citizen Festival stages to the front lines of change around the world while spotlighting real-time efforts to address issues related to extreme poverty. Through the eyes of activists including Hugh Jackman, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Becky G, Usher, Common, Rachel Brosnahan, Gayle King, Bonang Matheba, Pharrell Williams, Darren Criss and Uzo Aduba, and told through the iconic storytelling lens of National Geographic, viewers will hear the stories, meet the people and witness first-hand the work that is being done to combat extreme poverty and inspire a global movement.

The series has been filmed in Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, the Philippines and South Africa, and across the United States in California, New York, Tennessee and Washington, D.C.

Episodes Descriptions:

ACTIVATE: Eradicating Extreme Poverty

Hugh Jackman, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Becky G, join Global Citizen in campaigns to push world leaders into enacting policy changes that would end extreme poverty around the globe.

ACTIVATE: Ending Cash Bail

Artists and activists Common and Usher team up with Global Citizen and grassroots organizers as they attempt to achieve historic criminal justice reform by ending the use of cash bail in New York state.

ACTIVATE: Education Cannot Wait

Actor Rachel Brosnahan teams up with Global Citizen and travels to the border of Peru to see what happens to children’s education during conflicts and natural disasters.

ACTIVATE: Keeping Girls in School

Activists stretch around the globe as they campaign to break down barriers to girls’ education.

 ACTIVATE: Ending Plastic Pollution

Pharrell Williams joins Global Citizen’s push to get governments, companies and individuals to solve the ocean plastic pollution crisis.

ACTIVATE: Clean Water

Aduba joins Global Citizen as they rally millions around the world to push for clean drinking water and proper sanitation for the world’s most vulnerable people.

Tune your DStv Explora to record these multiplatform doccies on National Geographic, which is driven by celebrities, activists, game changers and Policymakers.  This series is set to drive change, for the most pressing global issues impacting humanity.

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