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Valley of the Boom

New Series on Internet Pioneers during Dot-Com Boom.

Set During the 1990’s in Silicon Valley, this six-part limited series stars two-time Emmy award-winning actor Bradley Whitford, Steve Zahn and Lamorne Morris, with show runner Matthew Carnahan and Executive Producer, Arianna Huffington.

Creator Matthew Carnahan uses a disruptive approach to tell the true stories of these visionaries, blending doc-style interviews with real-life subjects into the scripted storylines.

Silicon Valley spawned some of the world’s most influential people and recognisable brands during the 1990’s and attracted geniuses and charlatans alike. It is also where the new phenomenon of the overnight tech millionaire was born. Using a blend of narrative devices and interviews with the real subjects and experts woven into scripted drama, show runner, creator, director and executive producer Matthew Carnahan of House of Lies, charts the meteoric rise and cataclysmic burst of the dot-com bubble.

From STX EntertainmentValley of the Boom is also executive produced by Arianna Huffington and is set to premiere on National Geographic on 20 January 2019. The new six-part limited series features an unconventional hybrid of scripted storytelling and documentary interviews with the key players whose stories are dramatized in the show.

In the series, Carnahan follows the turbulent ride of three different companies whose founders were trying to change the world using the new technology of the internet. Before Google, Netscape pioneered the first commercial web browser and launched the “browser wars” with Microsoft. Before Facebook, theglobe.com was a rapidly expanding social networking site built by dreamers on a university campus. And before YouTube, a con artist on the run from the FBI reinvented himself in Silicon Valley to start a streaming video company called Pixelon, resulting in an entrepreneurial rise and fall almost too insane to be believed.

Valley of the Boom stars an ensemble cast led by two-time Emmy award-winning actor Bradley Whitford  of Get Out, The Post and The West Wing, Steve Zahn of War of the Planet of the Apes and Dallas Buyers Club as well as Lamorne Morris of Game Night and New Girl.

Valley of the Boom airs on DSTV, NatGeo, channel 181, on Sundays at 20:00 and 20:50. 20, 27 January & 3 February 2019 comprising of 6 episodes and 60 minute long episodes.


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