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Tropika Island Of Treasure Curaçao

Hit TV show, Tropika Island of Treasure, is back on SABC 3 for another season – in what is sure to be a beautiful and incredibly exciting next few weeks!

This season the show is based in Curaçao – located 64 kilometres off the coast of Venezuela and 12 degrees north of the Equator, the 64km-long, 12km-wide island of Curaçao represents a lively amalgam of different cultures.

Over the next few weeks, the teams will compete in various challenges with the goal of emerging victorious so as not to be eliminated, and to win that shared R1 million prize.

Will there be surprises? Yes. Will there be drama? Absolutely. This season will not simply be about winning challenges. The celebrities and contestants will also be challenged with strategy and social skills outside of the games, which will bring about some unexpected twists. You’ll have to tune in weekly as more surprises unfold…

 Catch Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao on SABC 3 every Tuesday at 19:30. There will be a new episode every Tuesday – don’t miss it!

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