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The Lem got Cut from Survivor

Is there some play left in Leatitia?

In this episode of M-Net’s Survivor: Islands of Secrets, saw Mike winning his first individual immunity, maybe worth more than what we think.  Steffi also claimed her 5th visit to the Islands of Secrets, with a very special Family Surprise.

After Jacques took his time looking for an hidden immunity idol re-introduced into the game, it was Leatitia who snatched it up, preparing the table for another game changer. At the end, it was Jacques, who smiled at host Nico, when he received his fate, leaving the tribal council area with the words, “No Regrets.”

Our friends at M-Net asked Jacques some questions after becoming the next member of the jury, and here is what he answered:


How do you feel about leaving in the home stretch of the game?

I knew they were gunning for me four weeks in a row. So my exit wasn’t a surprise when it happened. I’m grateful I could postpone it so long and force the majority alliance to turn on itself a lot earlier than it intended

What do you think contributed to the Tribe wanting you out?

Just like Dante, I saw through their agenda of how they kept players in the game who they knew they could manipulate. Thus they tried to silence the voice of reason and vote me out.

What was your highlight in the game?

So many! Solving the first 3D puzzle with Ting-Ting and knowing I won’t be the first one going home. Visiting that beautiful Samoan waterfall with Dante and Mike. Surviving with an Idol and stretching it for three weeks really grinded the remaining player’s gears. Loved the fight to the bitter end!

What was your lowest moment?

Ostracized for using a swear word.  The night of the Ting-Ting vote is a close second.

Did you learn anything during your experience?

In the game of Survivor, the Social game trumps the strategic and physical game.

How much weight did you lose during your time on the Island?

I lost 8kg’s! That’s insane for a dude who barely breaks into the 60kg category.

Which challenge was a highlight for you and why?

The first 3D puzzle I solved with Ting-Ting Was also insane that Durāo and I won doughnuts, going up against colossal physical beasts like Rocco, Rob, Steffi and Cobus.

Did you play the game you wanted to play? What was your strategy?

I 100% played the game. From day one I wanted to play Survivor and not be a passive zero-vote finalist. I truly lived my dream.

Where do you think it all went wrong for you?

My closest allies were all seen as massive threats (Seipei and Cobus). When they were taken out I had extremely little wiggle room to play the game.

You made some pretty bold moves in the game. Do you think that contributed to your exit?

Definitely. Some of my moves were great and some were terrible. However the people running the show were targeting the people they couldn’t control. As such, big move players such as myself, Seipei, Meryl and Cobus were targeted early in the Merge.

You are the one castaway that had the most advantages. Do you think they helped you prolong your stay?

It depends. I could have had zero advantages and still be in the game but everybody would view me as a passenger. I went out there to play the game and enjoy it. Having a bag of tricks was part of my journey and make for some great souvenirs now!

How do you feel about joining the jury?

The jury are literally all my favourite people in the game. I can’t wait to sit down and have drinks with them and enjoy our last week in Samoa.

What will you be looking for when casting your vote for the sole survivor?

I’ll base my vote on someone who can own their game and who made moves. If you were a troop soldier in someone else’s army, you can keep marching into the Zero-Vote-Finalist brigade.

The game continues, with six survivors still in the game.  Who will get voted out next…

Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets is screened on M-Net every Thursday at 19:00. It will also be available on DStv CatchUp. Fans can visit www.mnet.tv/survivorsa and follow all the breaking news and conversations around the show on Twitter and Facebook.

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