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Survivor SA: Islands of Secrets

What’s underneath the Surface….

Once South Africa’s first Bachelor has found “the one” on M-Net channel 101, the much-awaited new season of Survivor South Africa will roll into the channel’s popular Thursday night local productions slot at 19:00. Set in the beautiful Samoa, and spiced with all kinds of never-seen-before curveballs, twists and turns, Survivor SA: Island of Secrets will hit our screens on Thursday, 16 May.

While M-Net and Production Company Afrokaans remain tight-lipped about what exactly this mysterious Island of Secrets will reveal, they have lifted the lid a little on the castaways. This season, a diverse group of 21 strong-willed individuals who believe they know the ins and outs of the greatest game on earth will be facing the harsh elements of Mother Nature – and even harsher mind games of their tenacious opponents, who all want to be the Ultimate Survivor.

Soon, South Africa will get an unusual first glimpse of these contenders. Eight of the castaways from Survivor SA: Island of Secrets are already featuring on a variety of advertising billboards throughout the country.

M-Net handpicked fascinating, multi-faceted personalities from a variety of professions and age groups who are not all they seem to be on the surface. It’s going to be a social experiment of note to observe how they manoeuvre through the conflicts that are bound to arise.

The castaways on the billboards will be confirmed shortly, while the rest will be revealed closer to the first episode.

For the latest updates on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets, go to mnet.tv/survivorsa. You can also be part of the conversation on Twitter – especially if you spot some of the billboards – using #SurvivorSA.


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