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Survivor Mike to take a Hike

Is it Too Soon To Tell?

This season of M-Net’s Survivor, is now entering it’s final stages, with the bench of jurors, looking more intimidating than the few outcasts still remaining in the game.  But is it too soon to tell who the ultimate Survivor will be? And the answer is without a doubt yes, because, with Survivor, you never know, until you know.

In another episode, where Rob once again proclaimed his statue as the alpha male of this season, it was unfortunately Mike, who got the boot in this week’s episode, leaving with a bag full of strategies, for maybe a next time.

Our friends at M-Net had a chat with him, and here are his answers.

How do you feel about leaving in the home stretch of the game?

Whilst there’s a sense of loss in leaving the game, I feel a sense of validation in leaving the game. I lasted 35 days, and was a serious contender throughout. I planned meticulously, and would rather leave after taking a shot, than meander aimlessly to the end.

Tribal council was explosive. How did you feel when you found out you were the target?

I was initially shocked by the revelation, as I believed that my plan was more beneficial to Durao and Nicole than working with Rob, as I felt that we had a better chance at beating each other than against Rob. However, I soon felt strangely serene about being named the target, as there was no turning back from it.

You often wanted to make a big move. Why do you think it never came to pass?

I hoped to subvert the dominance of the Sa’ula alliance, and was not able to achieve this because the allies I relied on felt an unprecedented loyalty toward Rob.

What was your strategy?

I planned to lay low, and be cool. I hoped to find myself in the middle of intersecting alliances, and imagined that it would take a precise realization of my plans to seize dominance in the end. I ignored many of my most basic impulses to deflect attention from myself, including my physical and intellectual aptitudes, and tried to use more vocal players to carry out my plans by instigating plans well in advance.

Where do you think it all went wrong for you?

By relying on Durao and Nicole, my cover was blown. However, I can’t think of a better set of options, because we consistently lacked the numerical requirements to upset the apple cart.

What was your highlight in the game?

Building a strong set of relationships at Laumei kept me safe until Ta’alo, where I managed to survive a tribe swap with no allies. I also played an instrumental role in causing the eventual removals of Rocco, Cobus and Seipei, who were all great players.

What was your lowest moment?

Having to vote for Geoff was horrible, and the morning after losing my great friend Mmaba was horrific.

Did you learn anything during your experience?

I learned that I am capable of enduring great discomfort, and that my everyday concerns are far less consequential than I imagined them to be. I feel far closer to understanding myself, and reject the prior obsession I had with materialism.

How much weight did you lose during your time on the Island?

Around 15KG.

You won Immunity quite a few times after merge. What did that feel like?

I didn’t care much for challenges, as I felt they were a distraction from the social aspect of the game, which is the most important in my mind. However, I desperately needed to win in the last vote, and it enabled me to see my dad, which was fantastic.

What will you be looking for when casting your vote for the sole survivor?

I would like to vote for someone who has been a strong custodian for the season, and someone who had consistently played a consequential game.

How do you feel about reuniting with your former alliance Geoff and Mmaba on the jury?

I believed Geoff and Mmaba might have loathed me for Geoff’s exit, but seeing them has reminded me that the most important win of the season is the bond we have built.

The game continues, with five survivors still in the game.  Who will get voted out next…

Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets is screened on M-Net every Thursday at 19:00. It will also be available on DStv CatchUp. Fans can visit www.mnet.tv/survivorsa and follow all the breaking news and conversations around the show on Twitter and Facebook.

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