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Still Breathing

The original family drama is coming your way in Feb!

M-Net’s first English language drama series in more than a decade, Deon Meyer’s thrilling crime story, Trackers, rocketed to the top of M-Net’s ratings for the year and received rave reviews from critics and viewers alike. Following the success of this magnificent production, M-Net 101 will boost its broadcast schedule with a host of exhilarating local series in 2020.

Coming up next on the slate of proudly South African stories is a 13-part family drama, Still Breathing, currently being filmed in and around Johannesburg. From 27 February, Still Breathing will be screened in the popular M-Net 101 Thursday night slot at 20:00, just after the new season of The Bachelor SA, which starts on 13 February at 19:00.

While Trackers pumped adrenaline with high-octane car chases, flying bullets and blood-curdling crime investigation, Still Breathing sets out to push a totally different set of buttons: the ones of the heart. Love, friendship, complicated relationships, betrayal and long-kept secrets form the emotional crux of a tale about a circle of former friends who have drifted apart with the passage of time but are drawn together again when tragedy strikes. In short, it’s all about love, death – and the mess in-between.

The main themes echo those of international hits such as Brothers and Sisters; This is Us, and Parenthood, but it is spun around the challenges faced by authentic, modern-day South Africans.

What makes Still Breathing extra special, is that it showcases passionate local families in more ways than one – both on and off-screen! In the director’s chair is multiple SAFTA award winner Johnny Barbuzano. The script is the creation of Johnny’s wife, Tiffany Barbuzano, who also co-produces the series with her hubby, and is part of the cast.

In the series, Tiffany plays mom to their real-life offspring, up-and-coming stars Jamie and Jess Barbuzano!

The impressive cast also includes formidable leading ladies: Fleur de Cap winner Kate Liquorish, SAFTA winner Lorcia Kumalo and Naledi winner Shannon Esra. These three actresses feature in the Still Breathing marketing teaser, now aired on M-Net. And if you spotted some other familiar faces, Ty Keogh will indeed set the screen on fire as one of the male leads. One of his co-stars from the Showmax original The Girl from St Agnes, Jane de Wet, also nabbed a part.

Still Breathing is produced by BBZ Films for M-Net.


  1. Lizelle Greyling

    Where can I get the soundtrack music playen on Still Breathing – Mnet it is awesome!

  2. Stage & Screen Press

    Hi Lizelle – the music is indeed stunning, and was created by the amazing Brendan Jury. I will pass your message on to the production team!

  3. I would also love to have the soundtrack, you right it is really awesome

  4. I too enjoy the music. Briiliant

  5. Hi please were can I get the music in the background. Like( Like we walking on water). Its a stunning song. I tried to shazam it but it shows no music found. Please


  7. Precious Ndlovu

    Beautifully written story and the cast is absolutely amazing. I would also love the soundtrack, the music there is life.

  8. So agree About the soundtrack where can we urgently get it ??

  9. Ronel Engelbrecht

    The sound track is an absolute must have, please please, please….. Would love to have this! Brendan Jury, hats off to you, or rather earphones in! Very well done 👍

  10. Susan van Biljon

    This is the most beautiful soundtrack. Please, please make it available!!

  11. Francois Thiart

    Great story. We don’t miss a single episode. And yes the music is excellent. Please…bring out a soundtrack or list the songs and artists for us so that we can support the artists as well. Well done guys.

  12. The one song is by Tom Bromley, This empty heart

  13. Is Still Breathing available on Showmax?

  14. Hindy Jordan

    We want the sound track thanks! 👍🏽♥️♥️♥️♥️

  15. Trudi-Lee Low-Shang

    This has been an amazing series to watch… Please could we have a sequel soon, top cast, great acting, an excellent local production.. Well done

  16. Where is the venue used as the restaurant? It is stunning.

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