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SonOfOld Releases Brand New Single ‘Atom Man’

SonOfOld is the solo project of South African singer songwriter, Nic Olsen. Olsen is best known as one of the front men of early 2000’s band Perez, who enjoyed success with songs like ‘Picture Perfect’, ‘Dreams and Troubles’ and ‘Wasted Out’ – all top ten hits in South Africa and written by Olsen (except ‘Wasted Out’ was co-written with Wilkinson).

Though his song writing had success for his own band, Olsen’s biggest and most well-known hit was written for another South African band. In 2009, he was asked to join The Parlotones and whilst his time in the band was brief, his contribution was significant because it was during this time that he wrote the song ‘Push me to the floor’.

SonOfOld started developing as a solo project between the first and second Perez albums.

I decided to start a solo project so that I could have a creative project that did not rely on anyone but myself. Bands are wonderful but it isn’t easy having to rely on others … people’s lives have to share a common purpose and I guess the older one gets the more of an issue this becomes.

Olsen continued to contribute to The Parlotones and Kahn Morbee’s solo material and apart from a brief reunion of Perez at Splashy Fen in 2018, there was not much performing going on at all.

‘Atom man’ is the first single from the self-titled SonOfOld album and is an ode to the past hits written by Olsen, whilst the lyrics explore the futility of existence in a material world, probably a common theme amongst creatives.

With the release of the single, comes the music video for ‘Atom Man’.

‘SonOfOld – Atom Man’ is out now across all digital platforms: https://africori.to/atomman
Pre-save the SonOfOld album now from https://africori.to/SonOfOld

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