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Sky Ocean: Blackholes in my Head

Sky Ocean releases soulful new ballad, Blackholes in my Head

Sky Ocean has one of those voices that stops you in your tracks when you hear her sing for the first time. There is a striking sincerity and soothing sound to her voice that invites you to get lost in her soulful music. It is these characteristics that make her third single, Blackholes in my Head, so unforgettable.

Blackholes in my Head is a modern combination of Pop and Rock. The ballad was written in cooperation with Byron Keno and addresses all of those unanswered questions that exist about love. All those things that baffle us about matters of the heart. She remarks that sometimes you give your all to someone, before you are even officially a couple. You dive in head first, with a heart filled with hope and trust for the future of this relationship. When things go south and the other person moves on immediately, you are left with a broken heart and a bruised self-esteem.

The music video for the single was released a while ago and was filmed at a house overlooking the CBD of Johannesburg by Kyle White TV. It is about a rocky relationship that leads to a love-hate situation between a young couple. Where they were once so in love (memories), they can now hardly stand to look at one another. Beauty has now become pain. They do, however, always get back together because they feel safe and secure in the relationship. At one stage in the video, she is torn between the love she feels and the fact that he keeps showing her that it is not good enough. It is something which makes her feel sad and angry at the same time. Kyle created the storyboard and oversaw the project.  His wife, Chanel, did hair and makeup and Thiardt Roetz starred opposite her in the video.

Blackholes in my Head is part of Sky Ocean’s debut album Spore Van My Hart, a contemporary offering that showcases her versatility as a singer and songwriter. It boasts a variety of Afrikaans and English tracks, in different genres, which will satisfy even the most crytical of ears.

There was no specific defining moment that made her realise that she wanted to be a musician. It was just something that was always there. After all, she was able to sing before she could talk and over the years she developed a deep passion for music. She holds a grade five music qualification from UNISA, as well as a grade six vocal certificate from Trinity London College, as well as a grade seven vocal diploma from Rockschool.

If you ask her about the inspiration for her lyrics, she answers that it often comes from personal experience or from other people’s stories, but that she can only sing a song if her heart is open to it. She shares that she originally wanted to study Theology after school, but that God had different plans for her.

The music industry has taught her that hard work, determination and patience are the key ingredients to success and that you should never doubt yourself. She wants her music to be an expression of what people feel, but don’t always say. Blackholes in my Head is not only a good example of Sky Ocean’s remarkable talent, but will also secure her a spot in both the hearts of South African music lovers and on the hit charts of the country’s largest radio stations.


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