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Ryno Theron – Howling Rush

Ambient Prog Master Unveils New Album with New Single.

Ryno Theron from Durban is back with his new album, Howling Rush. The first single of this album, Sparks, also saw the strings strung, in anticipation to the album release.

Howling Rush is an atmospheric journey of ten ambitious tracks exploring experimental guitar styles and genres, with ten special guest artist each imparting an even deeper weight and depth to this master project. Each collaborator was carefully selected as an artist Ryno truly respects and admires.

As produced by Daniel Philogene, Ryno Theron collaborates with artist such as Ashvin Laljit, Ben Bruzas, Craig Borrill, Julian Letard, Nathaniel Bruzas, Ron Howse, Ross Tapson, Ryan Rud, Siya Ngubo and The Area Kid on this album

“My creative process was heavily influenced by the music I was listening to at the time. A lot of Post Rock bands like Caspian, eclectic stuff like Khruangbin, and Guy Buttery’s self-titled album, that completely blew me away.”

“The time I spent developing and shaping these songs took around two years. I had a million ideas, but also an uncanny type of writer’s block I battled to bring these tracks to life!”

Tracks on Howling Rush include;

    1. Burdens
    2. Howling Rush
    3. Slow Burning Fire
    4. INS
    5. Sparks
    6. Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You
    7. In The Groove
    8. Different Everytime
    9. Achlys
    10. Tsakane

Listen to the Album here:

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