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Richard Stirton: Defeated

Inaugural Winner of The Voice SA Releases Stripped, New Single

Richard Stirton unveiled his first independent single release with Defeated, which is available across all digital platforms from 18 January 2019.

Making his mark in the music industry as the winner of the first season of The Voice SA, Stirton releases Defeated as the first single from his forthcoming EP Naked, due for release on 1 March 2019. With an independent move, comes a new sound.

Stirton says the new music is entirely him, adding that every lyric is written by himself. He has also been a part of the entire production process. He states that he wants to be true to himself as an artist and in that way be true to the people that listen to his music, because all he desires at the end of the day is to create a genuine connection with them. He wants the songs to be real, to make the listener feel good and to remind them that they are not alone.

Defeated is a powerful release and catchy from the first note! The inspiration behind the single has Stirton playing with an all familiar break up theme, but with a fresh up-tempo approach.

Stirton comments that the idea came from being in a relationship where things were no longer working and you’re no longer together – when you are hurting and broken but the other person is fine. You’re not over it but they seem to be. The verses are nostalgic and reflective on times past, illustrating the idea that you’re not wanting to give up on the relationship. The vibe of the song is happy and feel good, with a bit of an edge. He says they wanted it to be a serious narrative with a feel good, happy and uplifting feel. In those situations most people resort to partying and time with their friends to lift them up and get them through those difficult times.

Stirton also brought in Easy Freak for some work on the single and joining the duo in the studio for the day, was a beautiful and effortless process. He notes they really helped lay the foundation of the production and feel of the track, with them being incredibly talented guys and great human beings. Stirton then went back to Cape Town and worked with Michael-Wilson Trollip, who’s been producing the entire EP, to revise the production slightly and make it warmer and more organic, to match the overriding theme of the EP. In conclusion, he thinks they have succeeded in finding that very balance.

Richard Stirton has poured his heart and soul into the making of Defeated. Always driven by the human connection, Stirton was set on finding his own sound and the discovery is sensational. In mid-2018, after parting ways with his label, Stirton began independently crafting a follow up EP to his debut album. His new music epitomises that ethos. One of honesty. One of truth. He aims to be the peoples’ artist. A friend; to build a career of longevity, based on connection with his listeners. To grow with them, to be a part of each of their journeys…

With the excitement to the start of M-Net’s 3rd season of The Voice mounting, why not remind yourself of the song Stirton sang, which experts believe was the Final Clinching of his Voice Title, currently with more than 2.5 million views on YouTube,


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