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Review: Cartoon Network Live

A World Opened Up for the Little Ones!

Caroon Network may be one of the first channels that has been viewed by millions of viewers when DSTV started their digital satellite service, but now, kids in Cape Town and Johannesburg also had the chance to see some of their favourite characters live on stage, when Cartoon Network Live came to the Teatro in Montecasino.

The stage is designed in such a way that it will transport all the kiddies into a zone of their own, helping each little one to dig deeper in that imaginary world of fun. With the sets designed in such a way to make each scene as real as the animation seen on TV, it was all too easy to be transported to right where the action was.

It is an unbelievable feeling to see and hear all the kids cheer with a unique sense of sincerity, once they saw their idolized characters coming to live and so close to them – it also brought out the kid again in every adult. I always find it so heart-warming to see such exuberant life in the eyes of the little ones, and I felt at times that we as grown-ups sometimes need that moment where the nice things in life makes us totally oblivious to the challenges we face every day.

The mini-theatregoers were enthralled with Scientist, Kelwin Gizmo, who took them through the battle of overcoming Zarr, the villain in the story. Scenes were illustrated in real life of the land of OOO, the city of Townsville.

Then, another part of the theatre cheered when the inhabitants of Elmore were introduced, alongside total favourites, Ben10, the stars in The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure time, and the three who stole the show, The Powerpuff Girls of course…I am of opinion that taking the little ones to see Cartoon Network Live would be something to keep them busy, but with something that will totally make their cartoon experience a truly memorable one – an experience with a touch of reality.

Cartoon Network Live will run at the Teatro till 8 July 2018.


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