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Artists bring hope with ‘My African Dream’

Vicky Sampson’s Dream Keeps on Keeping on.

We are all searching for hope in these uncertain and turbulent times where the Covid-19 pandemic takes its toll on so many different levels. Christien de Klerk of Embrace The Brand Media, had a brainwave just after the lockdown to approach her artists to record an indigenous song which will not only transcends hope, but also encourage people to unite. This idea was shared with producer Sean Butler and he suggested the iconic hit My African Dream, which made Vicky Sampson a household name in 1996.

Upcoming as well as established artists pool their talents together in this new rendition of My African Dream. The talented artists include Jack Stone, Matt Stern, Johan Anker, Chris Theron, Mondrey, Hannah, Chante and the duo GnT Band.

The singers are from all over the country, from Cape Town to Kimberley and Pretoria, and fortunately most of them have their own studios at home where they did the recordings. They send their individual recordings to the producers, with Francois Steyn and Tertius Jacobs who did the final mix.

The singers also recorded separate music videos with a special app which was uploaded on their mobile phones. Johann Latsky, edited the music video’s creatively in one music video. Each singer contributes an insert on the music video.

The singers are overly excited about the project.  “It is an honour to be part of this final product. Music is a universal language and it is wonderful that we can utilise it to convey a positive message of hope in these difficult times,” says rocker Jack Stone. 

My African Dream is one of the most recognisable songs, says Chante. “The song symbolises going back to your roots and personifies hope and unity. It reminds us of the fact that we must live our dreams and that the sun will shine again. We are all together in this difficult time.”

Johan Anker says My African Dream makes him proud to live on the continent and even more to be a South African. “I always feel a little patriotic when I listen to the song. We want to give people hope and comfort with My African Dream and convey the message that we are so much stronger when we are united.”

The duo GnT Band agrees that My African Dream conveys a message of peace and hope. “The song brings positivity in a current negative climate and environment. We hope every South African will hear this message and move forward with a constructive attitude.”

Newcomer Mondrey says dreams bring inspiration and ambition in your life. “This song personally means that although today looks dark and gloomy, tomorrow is a new day with new challenges.”

Matt Stern says My African Dream underlines the need to unite as a nation and to reach out to one another. “It was a privilege to compile a song and a video during lockdown with other artists. Although there was little contact, we share the same vision and passion.”

Chris Theron says My African Dream speaks thought-provokingly, not only through its angelic melodies but also through its deeper message of transforming and uniting our country. “I hope people will listen to this piece, not just for leisure, but also for the hope it shines to the world. In a time like this, we all need a little hope”

Hannah agrees My African Dream is an incredibly special song. “The song symbolises the dream we always cherished for South Africa and still do. I do hope when people listen to our rendition, it will inspire them to pursue this dream.”

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