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Survivor SA’s Mmaba answer some Questions…

In most probably the most heated episode of M-Net’s Survivor SA: Islands of Secrets, it was surely up to the last vote, to decide which castaway the tribed voted off.

At the end, after a tribal council where Jacques and Nicole had immunity, it was Mmaba who left the game, becoming yet another castaway to get the boot, with an immunity idol in her bag.  Mmaba made the Top 8, but will now serve as the next member of this reality show’s jury.

Our friends at M-Net caught up with this Survivor after the show, and here are some of the Questions asked, and answers given.

How do you feel about leaving in the home stretch of the game?

I can’t even explain how I am feeling; I am so emotional. It’s almost as though I could smell the win and the smell suddenly turned into a really bad rotten egg smell. I’m gutted and really disappointed at myself.

What do you think contributed to your blindside?

I think I’ve been an easy target throughout the game but winning the advantage at the Island of Secrets was the nail in the coffin.

You left with an Idol in your pocket. Did you trust your alliance that much?

I think it was more the paranoia than it was trusting the alliance. My gut feel throughout that day was telling me to play my Hidden Immunity Idol but for some reason in a split second I decided otherwise. My head was just all over the place.

What was your highlight in the game?

I’ve had so many highlights in the game that it’s really hard to pick one. But my best of them all would have to be my friendship with Geoffrey and Mike. I honestly didn’t think I would make such great and true connections in the game and that was a great surprise and definitely my highlight.

What was your lowest moment?

My last tribal council was definitely my lowest, especially because I could have saved myself from being blindsided but I ignored that sm

all voice inside of me. I think I will regret that for a while and will find it hard to forgive myself and move on from it.

Did you learn anything during your experience?

I learnt the importance of trusting my instincts/intuition because it’s there to serve and protect me. But I also learnt of the strength I have within me, strength that I didn’t even know I possessed. The game of survivor is tough, you go through everything while you’re on the island and to have made it to merge and then the top 8 has been the greatest accomplishment for me.

How much weight did you lose during your time on the Island?

I lost a whole 7kg! I never weighted below 60kgs since my teens!

The challenges seemed quite tough. Which one was the toughest for you?

It’s so weird because I loved the challenges and looked forward to them, but for some reason they didn’t love me back, every single one of them! But the toughest one has to be the one where we had to hold our breath, attached to a bar and suspended in water trying to survive the tide.

You won a challenge against Steffi on the Island of Secrets. How did that make you feel?

When I saw that challenge, I knew it was mine to win! I wasn’t even playing against Steffi at that point, it was Mmaba against Mmaba and I had to win.

How do you feel about joining the jury?

It’s such a strange feeling because I am still part of the game but also I’m not really part of it. I still need to make this really big important decision to vote for the sole survivor, so being part of the jury is such a huge responsibility.

What will you be looking for when casting your vote for the sole survivor?

I’m looking for a player that is playing the game in its fullness, not just the physical part of the game but also the social part. A player who will be able to defend their game play and take ownership of their big moves.

How do you feel about reuniting with Geoff on the jury?

It’s obviously sad that I’m reuniting with Geoff this way because I’ve just been voted out the game but could not be more happy seeing him and catching up with him on all the jury gossip!

The game continues, with seven survivors still in the game.  Who will get blindsided next…

Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets is screened on M-Net every Thursday at 19:00. It will also be available on DStv CatchUp. Fans can visit and follow all the breaking news and conversations around the show on Twitter and Facebook.

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