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Lily Hollows: Little Glass Girl

An Introspective Look at Life and What It Means to Be Human.

Little Glass Girl, the debut EP by neo-soul musician Lily Hollows, is more than just a collection of songs. It is the summation of 19 years of existence in a fallen world, exploring the notions of self-value, independence, infatuation and frailty. Using stark contrasts – challenging lyrics and serene melodies, Lily delves into what it means to be human.

She compiled this album as an exploration of our humanity. She explains she wanted to tackle issues we often face as a collective, without realizing that we face them. We often overlook the frailty of our emotional state and how easily our feelings are influenced by others.

The concept behind Little Glass Girl is based on the tendency to try and keep others happy, at the expense of our own personal happiness. Lily speaks about a girl who turned herself into something considered universally attractive (in this instance, glass), in an attempt to catch someone’s eye, however, she soon realizes that glass is fragile and the very thing that made her different, was her greatest strength.

Recording at The Hit Lab with producer Neil Engel, the five-track EP is an assertive first offering from a budding new artist. It follows the release of two successful singles Daddy I’m Gone and Don’t Look Back, both of which achieved national airplay across South African radio stations.

Lily says the EP is a culmination of years of reflection and song writing and that she is excited to finally share it with the world.

Little Glass Girl speaks to the daydreamers, the hurt, the unsure and the empowered. We’re all just people who want to feel something, and Little Glass Girl lets you experience that…


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