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James Deacon: The Calling

Debut EP for 22 Year-Old Artist with a Calling

James Deacon’s debut EP The Calling is a sonic tapestry weaving soul, rock, hip-hop and pop into a release that offers us a deeply personal glimpse into the life of the 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist.

After a life-threatening accident left him unable to play the instruments that he’d learned to love (violin & guitar), James’s rehabilitation and determination propelled him to pursue a musical career regardless.

Together with recording outfit Bad Future Records, the Johannesburg-based musician has created a 6-track EP that defies genre convention, with influences that range from John Mayer to Nirvana to Al Green.

“James is an incredible, rare talent that you might come across once or twice in a lifetime of producing music,” declares Bad Future Records owner, Paul Gala, who also served as producer and co-writer on The Calling.

“Every day that I work with James I learn something from him – it’s gratifying and exciting to work with someone of such high creative calibre. His vocal ability and all-round musicianship is uniquely creative and I look forward to every session.”

In order to be as transparent as possible, James was adamant in explaining his intention behind each song on The Calling EP.

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