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James Deacon: Not Givin’ Up

Debut music video is set against the nocturnal neon lights of Joburg’s urban jungle!

At the tender age of twenty two, Johannesburg-based musician James Deacon possesses vocal abilities far beyond his years, with a unique timbre and unnatural pitch ability that allows him to switch between slick rap verses and honey-coated choruses.

His new video from debut single Not Givin’ Up, directed by Brennan Lewis and shot late at night in and around Johannesburg, expertly captures the soul of Deacon’s hometown.

After an unfortunate accident left him without any feeling in most of his right hand and unable to play guitar, Deacon’s insistence upon continuing with music was given a boost after meeting Paul Gala (Bad Future Records).

With Gala’s support and guidance both in and out of the studio, the pair wrote Not Givin’ Up and collaborated on Deacon’s upcoming six-track EP, The Calling, due for release in July, but available as a pre-add on Apple Music from 31 May along with second single Calling Home which will also be available on all music platforms.

With all this in mind, Not Givin’ Up became a self-fulfilling prophecy for Deacon, overcoming insurmountable obstacles to pursue his passion.

With his stirring debut single and upcoming EP, James Deacon is poised for streaming and radio domination, it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the country catches on.

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