Andre Schwartz and Coenie de Villiers teamed up in a Production without Borders.

Two of South Africa’s most loved entertainers join forces for the very first time to create a truly memorable musical show. The ever-popular Andre Schwartz and Coenie de Villiers have collaborated to bring us the heartfelt Grensloos.

Says Coenie: “For years we’ve been threatening to produce something together and whilst we’re still able, we have done it at last!”

“Actually, there are four of us on stage; the last two being twin grand pianos, because we both play this instrument during the performance. Everybody knows that André is a singer of international renown but not everyone realizes that he is also a wiz in front of the keyboard,” declares de Villiers. “It’s also a quieter and more introspective musical show.”

Why the title: Grensloos? Schwartz admitted that they wanted to create an experience that crosses boundaries and borders. There are wonderful but less well-known songs from France and Holland amongst others, and of course also from South Africa that will be performed, together with some of their own compositions; a few of which have never been heard before.

The aim of this colab-productions, is to present a show without compromises – without borders – one never knows when the chance will come around again.

During the concert André and Coenie also reminisce over their first recordings – some of which goes all the way back to the seventies. “It’s a bit like reviewing the faded photos of one’s matric farewell,” both musicians joke. “Hopefully both of us have matured over the intervening years. Now we have the confidence to do the things we have always wanted to do; apart from the fact that it’s really great working together. We should have done it years ago!”

For a moment both Coenie and Andre grow serious: “We think ours is a positive gig – not one of us snivels and moans over his lot in life. It’s incredible to discover the spectrum of songs that conveys precisely this affirmative message of ‘Live and let Live,’ across all boundaries. Not only across the borders of countries but also across the restrictions between people, cultures and genders. When all is said and done, people remain just that; people.”

Come and celebrate life in word and song with two of our country’s foremost entertainers!


Pieter Toerien’s Motecasino Theatre

24 and 25 January 2020 at 20:00

26 January 2020 at 15:00

Tickets are available from Computicket, or the Theatre Box Office.

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