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Empathy for Breakfast

New breakfast show to help you start the day with Empathy

Announcing a brand new breakfast show, the type that the world needs right now: Empathy for Breakfast. This innovative weekly show specifically designed for Covid times is filled with insight, inspiration and practical knowledge that will empower you to navigate the week ahead with empathy. At a snappy 17 minutes long, Empathy for Breakfast is fast enough to fit into jam packed days and genuinely insightful, whilst being charmingly human and worthy of breakfast tables everywhere.

Empathy for Breakfast is hosted online by regenerative leadership expert, Mimi Nicklin. Mimi is the Author of Softening the Edge (available August 2020), an experienced marketer and communications specialist, and a well-known empathetic leader. For over fifteen years, she has been working across the world to drive stand out creative interventions that lead to business and culture change. Driven by the pursuit of increasing the value and impact of regenerative leadership, Mimi is committed to working with business leaders to transform workplaces into more valuable and sustainably healthy places. Mimi is also the host of the podcast Secrets of the Gap.

Based on the insight that people love to be read to, and so rarely get the chance in today’s always-on world, along with evidence that reading drives empathy upwards, the show opens with live coverage of a new book or content piece each week, read in real time. With a variety of content types, all that drive consideration of the power of empathy and emotional intelligence in the world and our workplace’s, Mimi’s unique ability to deliver this as a professional and as a people’s person is sure to build a following of loyal listeners. From fiction to leadership, and even some academia, the content is part contemplative and part consultative, and has been designed to offer everyone that tunes in food for thought!

For more information, and regular updates, go to www.miminicklin.com or follow Mimi on social media: @MimiNicklin.

To tune into Empathy with Breakfast, click here. Once you have registered once, you’ll get weekly reminders, and even have the option to have this weekly show added to your calendar.
Listeners are encouraged to submit their weekly questions to sayhello@miminicklin.com.

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