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We Talked to Daniel Baron

“It’s my Heart writing the songs”

by Louw Mulder

To have your heart broken, is most probably one of the most difficult things any person has to deal with. It is something we mostly keep to ourselves, trying to heal on a way unknown at that point in time. But then comes a talented artist, who represents his own heartache through music, and gives you that comfort that you are not alone. I am referring to Daniel Baron’s new hit single, One More Good Bye. After the music video was released earlier, I caught up with him to get to the story behind the song.

I first met Daniel during the fifth season of South African Idols on M-Net, when he came eighth in the competition. Ironically, his last song was Save the last Dance for Me, and even though this was his last performance, it was not the last dance yet. In his interview after being eliminated, he said that he wanted to first finish Matric, and then hopefully get a recording contract. If only he knew then how his career would blossom. Recently, he released his brand new album Weekend of Mass Destruction, but the initial plan with this album was interrupted, when life brought some unexpected detours along the way.

Daniel came to the end of his relationship which he describes as a ‘phenomenal four years together’, where nothing went to waste. “When it’s not God’s will, it kind of happens that you accept it and you move on” he said: “The break-up was devastating, and I went through a lot of pain. It was the girl I wanted to marry, and it just ended where you both realise you want different things, and it is the end of the road.”

“From there I just went into my studio, and I did a lot of writing, I just poured my heart out, and wrote so many songs, and one of the first ones I wrote, was One More Goodbye. At the time I didn’t even think I would release it. I thought it was just for me to pour my heart out, and no one was ever going to hear it” he says as he carefully took me through his healing process: “I know God gave me the gift of music, and my music just helped me to turn this ugly pain into something beautiful”.

It was a very fast process, until One More Good Bye was released. “It turned out very beautiful, especially for people who relate to it” he told me: “The theme of the song is me coming to terms with the fact that it is over, but before we never see each other again, can we just say one more good bye.”

On Daniel’s Facebook page, messages were posted in abundance where people wrote how much this song means to them, how they can relate to what the lyrics speak of, and it just showed how many people around us in our everyday lives go through the trauma of a painful break-up.  “I believe whole heartedly that this song was for a purpose. I grew a whole lot through this breakup, and as I saw all these messages, I realised that this thing was bigger than just me,” he says as he tries to explain the bigger picture: “I need to tell people going through their own heartache, to just stay close to God, and they will be fine.”

One More Good Bye is not a track on Daniel’s latest album. “I could have waited with this song, as there are definitely a few more singles I want to release on Weekend of Mass Destruction, but I was going through this heartache now, and I realised I didn’t want to wait, I want to release this song while I am experiencing all these emotions” he said, confident in his decisions. He further told me that he is quite aware that music is a direct extension of his soul, and it was with this soul he poured into the song, that added a degree of emotion.

After the success of the single, Daniel knew he had to work fast with the music video. The music video was dropped, and it features Daniel, alone with his grand piano, in various settings. From on the Stage, to a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, this video perfectly symbolized all the emotions he went through discreetly, but yet so obviously. “The piano is my companion, even when I am alone” he confirmed my analysis of his music video: “The piano will always be with me, when I am alone, and even when I am Heartbroken.”

On a lighter note, he explains how happy he was with the final product. “I am a perfectionist, and normally when I get the first draft of a video, I can pick up stuff that has to change” he said, not being shy of his desire to always produce perfect material. “This music video was right the first time” he said proudly: “I worked with this guy who is an absolute genius.” Not taking all the credit for himself, he told me of the amazing work Ruan Kotze from The Real Thing did in this video production. “They are an exceptional production company, and I am so grateful for them.”

Daniel adds that with this video, he wanted to show that by travelling all over the place, by having the theme of sharing, he wants to spread his experience with the world, hoping to inspire people. “I have a lot of touring coming up. I am busy at the moment packing for our next tour with Tjaart van der Walt. I love travelling, and I love driving, so I am looking forward to a great road trip” he said.

Daniel admitted to me that his mind never stops, it works overtime, creating music all the time. “I can’t keep all this music to myself. I need to release them” he said excitingly: “I write all the time, and I have this whole album planned in my head for future release, and beyond that, I am already playing with the ideas of the next album.” Knowing well that he can’t release and produce all his material himself, he is also proudly writing songs for up and coming artists, who he wants to help break through. “It is all about the message, the message will get out. It doesn’t need to be in my voice.”

Feeling a sense of pride towards this artist, being there since he stepped on the music scene way back during Idols, I realised that if you want to make it, if your goals and your motives are set at the right destination, as is with the case of Daniel Baron, the sky is the limit. Just as his last song on Idols was about his last dance, and this latest hit about one last good bye, I am certain to say that it is by far not the last you will see of Daniel Baron.

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