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Louw Mulder11 months ago3 min

Local pop sensation is back with a brand-new single.

On the new single, Daniel continues to push the boundaries while experimenting with different sounds and genres. He continues to push himself creatively and, on Goddess, Baron blends his signature luminescent pop sound with a dark underground dance tone. The mystical new single sees Baron inspired by Gqom drum beats which he effortlessly weaves into the single whilst continuing to raise the bar by fusing genres and riddling them with ear-worm choruses.

The inspiration of Goddess came about when Baron looked at the woman of his dreams and had a near apparition/vision as if he was staring at a heavenly being. It happens to him often when he is near her. Baron says that when humans are in love, their consciousness is elevated to a higher place, where heavenly creatures exist and anything is possible. He also thinks we can get a similar feeling when we’re on a dance floor.

Baron admits that he has been really inspired lately by the Gqom movement, and thought it would be really cool to add a taste of that infectious beat into his song. It turned out to be groovier than just the normal 4/4 beat.

Daniel says that experimentation is incredibly important to him when creating new music. “I’ve become like a scientist in my studio, literally spending hours on end, synthesising and transforming sonic elements, using simple things like my voice, a drum, and sounds that I hear around me,” Daniel explains. “I have always been fascinated by creating something new, something different, that I haven’t heard before. And it gives me a really great feeling to be able to watch people listen to something that I’ve created, that they’ve never heard before.”

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