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We are looking for people to join us … for the love of it.

Stage and Screen was registered in 2006, and will celebrate 10 years in July this year, since our first post went live. We are immensely proud and impressed that this medium could do its small part in promoting the performing arts in South Africa.

Based mainly in Johannesburg, we can only review productions staged in and around the city, but the growing demand in the industry is becoming too busy, and too big for us…

Stage and Screen is a non-profit on-line medium, where productions on various Stages and Screens are promoted. Our focus is primarily on South African produced productions, but we also promote international acts, making their appearance on South African Stages and Screens.

Important to know, is that we are not selling advertising space, or sell space on our website to feature any production. The medium that is Stage and Screen, was a dream of editor, Louw Mulder, who is still carrying all Stage and Screen’s costs. However, Mr. Mulder could not foresee that the growth of Stage and Screen would exponentially grow over time, as it currently has.

Stage and Screen, will where possible, try to adapt, and expand, as the demand for awareness on our medium increases. This is why we started early in 2015 to feature local musical artists, and last year in 2016, decided to promote internationally produced television shows, which are available on South African TV screens.

At the moment, the Stage and Screen team consists of three people, all of whom are full time employed in totally different industries, but with a primary common interest, namely the love for the performing arts. None of these three dedicated team members of Stage and Screen are compensated for their contributions. They are rewarded by attending these productions and events, which are priceless, and more than gratifying.

So, what is next? More and more producers from the Mother City are making contact with Stage and Screen, enquiring about coverage space for their shows and events, as well as the opportunity for their productions to be reviewed. Due to many film festivals, and musical concerts only being staged in Cape Town, it will make sense to have representatives in Cape Town. Therefore, we are now scouting for a new member or two, based in Cape Town, to join the Stage and Screen team.

By embarking on this recruitment drive, we thought it would be a good idea, to also extent this to our current team in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

We are  looking for:

  1. Reviewers of South African Music in Johannesburg and Pretoria – Afrikaans and English
  2. Reviewers of TV Documentaries in Johannesburg and Pretoria – English
  3. Reviewers of theatre, film and music concerts in Cape Town – Afrikaans and English
  4. Free-Lance Photographers in Johannesburg and Pretoria – Professional or Semi-Professional
  5. Free-Lance Photographers in Cape Town – Professional or Semi-Professional

Please note, we are most interested in finding people with passion, rather than people with impressive resumes. We want to find a colleague, who is more interested in promoting and experiencing the talent we have in South Africa, rather than someone who wants to make money trying to do so…

Please download our terms and conditions here:   Contributors Terms and Conditions

Do you think you can deal with all these conditions, and that you want to be part of something with a purpose? Do you have some knowledge of the Theatre, Film and / or Musical Industry?


Application form for Contributor on Stage and Screen:

Name and Surname:

E-mail address:

Contact Number:

How would you like to contribute?

In what language would you like to contribute in?

Where are you based?

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

I have read and understand the terms and conditions for Stage and Screen contributors:


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