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Charlie Finch: It’s Never Over

New Single sees Charlie Returning to his Hometown Roots.

Although Charlie Finch has firmly established himself as a folk-laced force of a singer-songwriter on the Gauteng scene, he’s originally from the windy city of Port Elizabeth, and now these winds blew this artist in tune with Ukulele melodies that merges with his homegrown aesthetics. 

His new video for single It’s Not Over saw him return to the Bay. to work with friend and videographer Sino Guwa, he put a crew together and conceptualised the video all in a matter of days. Finch was also quite keen on a dance element in his new video and after they found dancer and choreographer Kelly Adams, everything just effortlessly fell into place.

The whole process of returning home and being able to work with the people that he grew up with, made this project all the more special.  The song began by Finch just jamming on the ukulele and free-flowing a bit until he ended up using a borrowed chord – which is when you make use of a chord from the relative major or minor key that you are currently playing in. This was key to setting the tone and direction of the song. After that, he immediately started recording some pre-production to begin shaping the song and when he was finally happy with the direction the song was going, he took it to Jason Ferreira at LittleBig Studio where they recorded and produced it shaping into what it is today.

Immerse yourself in a single about never giving up on your dreams or on being a better person…


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