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The Buzz: Turn and Shake

Teen Pop Group launches catchy tune.

Following on the success of two years of audience and critical acclaim staging their annual Gala Concerts, the Born to Perform  team are thrilled to launch the first single under the banner of their new initiative, The Headlinerz by teen pop group The Buzz, perfectly timed for spring; the catchy tune Shake And Dance.

The Headlinerz is a platform to provide talented young artists who excel, further opportunities in the entertainment industry. The music being created will be by Teens, who will now get the chance to record and produce original pop music aimed at other Teens and Tweens.

First up is the teen pop group sensation, The Buzz, consisting of 6 talented young performers – Jessica Driver, Caitlyn Thomson, Lisa Kriel, Philip Hanly, John Tsenoli and Dihan Schoeman.

They are a funky, current Teen Pop group with incredible voices to match. In the past year since the creation of the band they have hit the ground running, performing at many corporate events, the biggest being the Nickelodeon Festival in front of 4000 people and Born To Perform at the Lyric Theatre. Other events include On The Night at St. Johns College, Microsoft product launch, a stadium event for Life Line and being invited to perform at industry stalwart Collett Dawson’s 25th Anniversary party amongst many industry and media VIPs.

Shake and Dance is a song based around all the things that happen at a house party.  The Buzz’s vocals just took it into a space where it felt right and we were lucky enough to have industry professional Ayo Solanke lend his talent and expertise to this rocking track with his electrifying Saxophone parts.

Gemma Donnelly Marinus, co-founder of The HeadlinerzBorn To Perform as well as owner of Stageworx School of the Performing Arts expands:

“Born To Perform was created to provide young performers a platform to showcase their talents and experience the professional world of entertainment. We are amazed by the success that has come from this platform with many of the performers moving into professional musicals, corporate events and TV and Film after making contacts from our Gala events.”

She continues: “Matthew and I recognized a huge gap in the music industry with regards to SA music being created for the Teen Pop market. Most of the music we hear from this genre is international so we are using our top music artists to create music and fill this gap. We are so excited about our first release Shake And Dance by The Buzz. This is only the beginning!”

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