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Bard Releases New Single ‘Something New’

With the country well into lockdown, Durban-based musician and songwriter Bard recently released his brand new single ‘Something New’ across all digital platforms.

‘Something New’ is the follow-up to his #1 hit single ‘Bad Feeling’ and sees Bard team up once again with producers Ewald Jansen van Rensburg and Rudolph Willemse.

The song dabbles with a new sound and feel, while experimenting more deeply with EDM synths and beats. The verses are rhythmically slow with a collection of minimal sounds and vocal embellishments in the background, which sets the mood for the track. The pre-chorus picks up a little more with an introduction of a deep bass beat and a colourful vocal harmonic spectrum. We suddenly find ourselves in the chorus with a short-detached EDM analogue sound, driving the song rhythmically.

“The lyrics are an embodiment of the track itself (with its new sounds) through the message and meaning it carries. The song is about learning from the past while finding new hope to hold on to. The song is especially relevant with the Covid-19 outbreak as we all strive for new hope while grappling with this pandemic.”

‘Bard – Something New’ is out now across all digital platforms: http://smarturl.it/BardSomethingNew

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