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Andeline Wieland Leaves The Bachelor SA

Marc had only nine roses to hand out and decided to send home beautiful and bubbly, 24-year-old Andeline Wieland. According to Andeline she is not at all worried about her future as she knows that God has an amazing man out there waiting for her. She also added that it sucks being on such a quest for love, and not finding it – but that she knows that when she does find it one day, it will be an awesome moment.

Andeline is a farm girl from Namibia with Afrikaans and German ancestry. She was crowned Miss Teen Namibia in 2012 and was first princess at the Miss Namibia 2016 pageant. Thereafter, she nabbed the prestigious Miss Continents 2017 title, which shaped her life and allowed her to focus on educating people on health as well as the negative impact of prejudice. In her daily life, Andeline will always be Miss Congeniality. She has a quirky sense of humour and loves to crack jokes about her curvaceous body. This queen of hearts believes marriage to be the pinnacle of human experience. She is ready to tie the knot with someone who is not threatened by her ambition, and who is certainly not boring. Forever, she states plainly, is a very long time. She considers herself strong-willed, independent, a ball of energy and a go-getter whose mission on Earth is to make a difference. Andeline is studying towards her third qualification at the University of Stellenbosch, which follows a Bachelor’s degree in Drama and a postgrad in Journalism. She runs her own business, designing costume jewellery and clothes, and has a charity that helps underprivileged girls look fabulous at their matric farewells.

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