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Menopause – The Drag Show

Laugh, Dare, Drag

by Louw Mulder

Kendrick Thomas as Charnè Churchill, Bernard Buys as Betty Bangles and Paul van Zyl as Levine Dolcevita

Kendrick Thomas, Bernard Buys and Paul van Zyl

Yes, they lip-sync, and boldly also admit to this fact early on during their performance, but as they say: “At least we do it better than Britney!” But a performance you can expect from the men of Menopause or rather extravagant drag artists in the true sense of the word, is nothing short of sheer entertainment.

This show is not for the faint hearted and definitely one of those where parental guidance is advised with a PG-rating of 16.  An open mind and a liberal taste for naughty laughter is a fixed prerequisite. The show is raunchy, visibly under the belt, but enjoyable and as a matter of fact, an established form of art in the gay community globally.

Kendrick Thomas, Bernard Buys,Stage and Screen's Louw Mulder and the Sassy Kitana

Kendrick Thomas, Bernard Buys, Louw Mulder and the Sassy Kitana

Betty Bangles, Charnè Churchill, Levine Dolcevita and the sassy Kitana, are the four characters in this show, performed by Bernard Buys, Kendrick Thomas, Paul van Zyl and Chris Williams, respectively.  Even though the four characters rotate on a weekly basis to produce a threesome of funny sexual chuckles, each combination promises to tickle more than just the obvious.

Included in the repertoire of this show, are songs like Proud Mary by Tina Turner, ABBA’s Does your mother know, When you’re good to mamma from the musical Chicago, and even Rocky Horror’s Time Warp, to name a few. The twist in the cover versions of these well-known classics, is censored for this review, but purely a must see for a somewhat different night out.

The four drag queens, as they are more commonly known, are not shy, very witty, with decades of experience under their wigs between the four of them. Their interaction with the audience is tactfully daring, but has been carefully mastered through the years. Be warned that you may become a part of their show, but don’t fight it – they have huge hair.

Bernard Buys interacting with the Crowd

Bernard Buys interacting with the Crowd

“I love to make people laugh” says Bernard Buys: “I live for the theatre and the immediate reaction from the audience. I don’t drag because I want to be a woman. Betty is a character I created, that provides escape, in that it allows me to get away with a lot of things on stage, where I can cross that line sometimes…”

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The Waiters at Beefcakes

The Waiters at Beefcakes

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