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Karma: Image

Introducing Exciting new SA Female Artist.

Karma is one of a new breed of artists emerging from the urban jungles of post Mandela South Africa. Bold, edgy, elegant and integrated, Karma`s musical melting pot takes in such diverse influences as urban pop, electronica and trap-step, creating a unique and striking tapestry that mirrors her life experience.

From an early age music and the performing arts have fed her soul, training in Latin American dance, a discipline which in turn has impacted into her exhilarating live performances. Her striking and captivating personality, coupled with a vibrant and sexy on-stage energy and attitude, exudes authenticity and originality. Karma uses the stage as a visceral medium to express her creativity and to empower, inspire and connect with people.

She doesn’t shift the musical goalposts because her attitude is that there aren’t any!

Set against looped trap beats with swirling ambient synths, Karma`s swooping, ethereal vocals grace her debut  single “Image”, a dark but uplifting song about love and its many obsessions. Its frightfully spunky pop sensibility stays with the listener long after the song has ended. Accompanied by a haunting, memorable video shot by Liam Halfpenny, the juxtaposed yin – yang imagery makes for compulsive viewing.

Trend bucking, intoxicating and addictive, Image announces the arrival of a new kind of artist, one who doesn’t play by the rules of the industry and is determined to forge her own artistic path.


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