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Frank and Fearless

Those who have thought they have seen the last of Schuster, SORRY!

Frank and Fearless is currently in productions, and will hit the big screen towards the end of 2018.

Fearless is a ten year old rural African boy who finds his inner courage, while a big, black dog will act as Fearless’ companion. Sonny Frank is a loveable ageing reprobate with a penchant for telling tall stories, and Reini is a very cute orphaned female baby Rhino.

The killing of Reini’s mother by poachers sets these four on an ill-advised, very funny and deeply moving journey through the wild African bush to an equally wild African city. Their purpose – to kidnap the ambassador of a South-east Asian country and make him end the rhino slaughter.

Which goes very, very wrong.

The action returns to the bush, where the four have no choice but to take on a platoon of merciless poachers, who are led by the terrifying ranger turned poacher, Dolf, with whom Sonny has a past.

The climax is a combination of Home Alone shenanigans intercut with very frightening reality. Our courageous four finally win the battle, assisted by a warthog, a patriarchal rhino and some hallucinogenic wild mushrooms…

And to top it off they end up on the cover of Time Magazine, an inspiration and a conscience to a world in need of heroes.

Big comedy, big action, from the big heart of Africa.

Because the cameras are still rolling, we cannot bring you the trailer yet, but be assured that we will upload the link as soon as we get the word from Starburst Promotions, official publicists of Frank and Fearlsess.


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